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AgriBIO® (888+2) is a special formulated semi-organic fertilizer that comprises of microbe-enhanced composted green waste and a combination of N.P.K+Mg (8:8:8+2) nutrients, in addition it does not contain animal/human excreta. AgriBIO is suitable for all crops, ornamentals and lawn.


AgriBIO® Semi-Organic Fertilizer

A bio-organic compost enriched with Mycorrhiza and other beneficial microbes aimed at improving soil conditions and plant defense booster. Also containing adequate humic acids and trace elements. It is made from 100% plant waste, matured compost, without soil and animal waste.

The best soil conditioner, organic fertilizer and mulches for oil palm, vegetables, flowers, turfgrass, fruit trees, and others. Organic matter in these products absorbs and traps pesticides and other chemicals applied to the soil. The microbes that feed on the organic matter also breakdown most lawn chemicals.

  • A good combination of N.P.K (8:8:8 + 2) nutrients and trace elements, AgriBIO serve as a suitable semi organic fertilizer, provides major nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium to ensure optimal growth with higher yield.
  • AgriBIO® has an alkaline organic profile thus, this product is capable to correct the soil acidity problem.
  • The nutrient content can be ‘tailor made’ base on clients requirement and material compatibility.

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